What’s Next?

Technology is forever changing our lives, and tailors the things we do and how we go about doing them. With Iphone after Iphone being introduced into our deluded and sponge like society, we are forced into soaking up the constantly trending ideological persona associated with having the hottest phone on the market. But these trends do not come as a cheap trend. The latest of the Apple iPhones released this year starts at £540 for the headset which includes the 16GB memory, or alternatively you can have a whopping 128GB for a wallet busting £790!

So what is the need for all these expensive handsets, where for the same price you could buy a car or something which may offer a little bit more into your life, apart from a fancy touch screen and endless amounts of interactive games. It seems that Apple have created not only a mobile phone, but also a device whereby its operator can also operate their own life from the touch of a button. The iPhone 5 introduced fingerprint identification which from a brief placement of your finger you can unlock your phone and even make card payments via your phone. For a lot of people the best way to explain why they have an iPhone would be for its convenience. Apple now operate their Apple Pay system in 100’s of stores across the world, again tightening their grip on the pool of people waiting to be molded into whatever fits their bill.

Finally, a quick touch on the new Apple Watch. Gone are the days where the analogue two hands of a clock were sufficient. For most people a watch serves as a source of time but mostly fashion accessory. However as live progresses, of course the technological shadow of the sweet fruit again tarnishes the traditional things of life, to a more updated modernised one. The watches can not only tell you the time, but also allow you to send messages, check sport results, read emails, and even make a phone call. The standout out question is why do you need a watch and a phone which combined and worth over £1000, just to run your daily life. It seems society is quickly moving away from the standard way of living and embracing the futuristic and technological era that is at the center point of everything we do.

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