The gift of reading

Casual readers and hardcore literature fans alike are in agreement that a book is usually the best gift to give someone. It is timeless, and it works in any situation. Friends, family or co -workers, it doesn’t matter – gifting someone a book will always be appreciated. We’re all eager to know, deep inside, and a book is a symbol of knowledge instantly recognizable.
On the other hand, many try to avoid the hassle of buying a book for someone for the apparent reason – it is somewhat tricky to decide what to buy when it comes to literature of any kind. We’ve put together a few pointers and some insights that will ensure that the next time you decide to gift a book to someone, they’ll remember that moment with joy. It comes down to who they are, and there are a few ways to narrow down your options.

Be aware of the person for whom the gift is intended. If they’re a friend or co-worker, it might not be hard at all to figure out their preferences, just ask around their circle of friends or maybe take a look at their online profiles – there are many sites (Goodreads, for example) that will help you find out what they like to read. If you want to hear it from themselves, but still would prefer to avoid ruining the surprise, maybe peek around their bookshelves. Another good tactic would be to talk to them about a book you are reading, and from there you can change the topic to literature in general, and soon enough you’ll get a good idea of what they like.

Hobbies are a splendid place to start when brainstorming for ideas. However, they might think hobby books are boring or simply take up space without being meaningful, or that they are merely decorative items, to be browsed with only the slightest of interest. But that’s not quite what you should think about when taking their hobby into consideration. Try to take it further, find a book that is indirectly linked to their hobby, and it’ll be a much more subtle appreciation of their passions. Does this person love hiking, traveling and adventure? Find an autobiography by a famous explorer, such as Richard E. Byrd and give that to them, instead of a book about hiking routes. You get the idea. It will be much more appreciated.

Films these days tend to draw a lot of inspiration or are straightforward adaptations of books. Simply ask them what was their favourite of this year, or what films they’re looking forward to watching. The chances are that you might find the book it inspired it, or if that’s not the case, movies can still help you figure out a good book to gift. Like with all forms of entertainment and art, there are equivalents. For example, if this person is a huge fan of thriller films or spy flicks, there is a plethora of literature out there that will give them just as much excitement. A bit of research will go a long way, and it is as simple as asking them a casual question.
Finally, if you are still undecided and cannot find the perfect book to give, it is still a gift that has the potential to be remembered dearly. There are simply timeless books or ones that you can’t go wrong with. Gifting someone a hard-cover copy of some of Shakespeare’s work, or a comprehensive encyclopedia that deals with a large subject, will be appreciated.

In conclusion, the gift of knowledge is never to be underestimated. It shows a desire to see those around you grow and learn about themselves and the world, and there is no better gift for this than a book!

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  1. I agree with this, book is not just a book. It widens the reader imagination, makes the reader feel what the character feels and it’s great.

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